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Monday, 25 June 2018

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    MyONLINE*PERMIT is the online facility for Entry Permit application. Through MyONLINE*PERMIT, payment shall be made online by using direct debit facilities (FPX) or credit card.

    1.All applications should be in accordance to the ACT and RULES of IMMIGRATION MALAYSIA. For any false and incomplete information, will caused the APPLICATION REJECTED and NOT BE PROCESSED.

    2.Please ensure that applicant travel document / passport is still valid with at least SIX(6) MONTHS validity during application.

    3.Shall there any changes on the APPLICANT INFORMATION and TRAVEL DOCUMENTS / PASSPORT details during the processing period, must be notified to the Processing Branch Office.

    4.Application shall be submitted to the Immigration Headquarters in Putrajaya and State Immigration Office (PIN) based on applicant CURRENT POSTAL ADDRESS

    5.Sponsor for Entry Permit application must be a MALAYSIAN CITIZEN. In case for Sabah and Sarawak, sponsor has to be LOCAL MALAYSIAN residing in Sabah and Sarawak. ALl applications will undergo security screening process (Borang Rujukan Imigresen(Im.63)) and the forms will be submitted to the Head of Special Branch, State Police Department in which the sponsor resides.

    6.Applicant and sponsor are compulsary to attend the interview appointment at the selected Processing Branch. Changing of interview date and Processing Branch Office are not allowed.

    7.Applicants have to bring along the ORIGINAL and one(1) COPY of SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS during the interview session at the Processing Branch Office.

    8.Issuance of Entry Permit are subject to the Security Clearance by Royal Malaysia Police and decision by Director General of Immigration Malaysia.

    9.Applicants will be notified through email and can be accessed at MyONLINE*PERMIT on the application status and interview appointment.

    10.Kindly print and bring along Acknowlegement Slip during interview at the selected Processing Branch Office.

    11.Fee and charges : -
    i.Entry Permit (IM.5) : - RM120.00
    ** Payment can be made online through direct debit facility (FPX),credit card or over the selected Processing Branch Office.

    12.Collection : Both APPLICANT AND SPONSOR has to be present during collection at the selected Processing Branch Office and kindly bring along the payment receipt and supporting documents after or within thirty (30) working days.
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