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Tuesday, 18 June 2019

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    MyONLINE*PASPORT  is a facility for Malaysian to renew their Passport through the internet.
    For online application, Payment can be made by credit card or using direct debit facilities (FPX).
    Applicant can choose where to collect the passport at any of the offices listed in system.
    Collection date and time will be determined by the system according to the date and time of application. It will be stated on the receipt.

  • Background. The background colour of the photo MUST be white. Other background colours are not acceptable.
  • Applicant must wear dark coloured clothing covering the shoulder and chest
  • Ladies wearing head cover or hijab must wear dark colours preferably black. Their face must be visible.
  • The uploaded photo must be in the form of softcopy taken by a professional photo shop. Instant or polaroid photo is not acceptable.
  • Please refer to the specimen photo for further clarification.
    Application which fails to comply with the specification above will not be processed and will cause delay at the time of collection.

    1. Applicant must be 13 years and above who has been issued with an e-passport (passport with chip). The existing passport must be in good condition.
    2. Applicant must fill in all the relevant information in the application page. Any false or inaccurate information given during the application will be rejected and liable for legal action under the Section 12(1)(c) Passport Act 1966 (Act 150).
    3. For applicant age 13 and below 18: ONLY the legal guardian who has given prior consent during the previous application can apply through online renewal. The legal guardian must be present with the applicant during collection of the passport. The passport will not be delivered to the applicant if the legal guardian fails to be present.
    4. Applicant must upload their recent passport size photograph
    5. Payment can be made by credit card or direct debit. Fee for passport is as follows:
         i. Normal Application 13 -59 years old : RM 200
         ii. Senior Citizen (60 years and above) : RM100
    6. Applicant must present him/herself at the Immigration office for collection of his/her passport. No representative is allowed. Applicant must bring their Identity Card, existing passport and receipt.
    7. Failure to submit documents or appear to cause a passport will not be submitted.
    8. Application for renewal under normal circumstances only.
    9. Passport must be in good conditions (no stain, exposes to water or torn) and with chip.
    10. A citizen illegally residing legally abroad are not eligible to use the online passport application facilities (MyOnline).
    Additional requirement:
    1. For applicant below 18 years old – birth certificate and legal guardian
    1. Sekiranya terdapat masalah untuk melaksanakan pembayaran anda perlu membuat semakan dengan bank kerana proses pembayaran adalah urusan pihak bank.
    2. Sekiranya terdapat masalah gambar yang telah di muat naik, anda boleh datang ke pejabat JIM untuk mengambil gambar semula di Pejabat Pemungut.
    3. Sekiranya permohonan di dapati keluar mesej 'Sila Rujuk Pejabat Imigresen', bermaksud permohonan anda tidak boleh dilaksanakan secara online disebabkan oleh :-
        3.1 Cap jari anda yang tersimpan telah rosak/tiada dan perlu dilakukan pengambilan semula supaya tidak akan ada masalah nanti semasa penggunaan
             cap jari di pintu masuk/keluar.
        3.2 Anda tidak memenuhi syarat-syarat seperti yang telah dimaklumkan dalam laman web 'MyOnline*Pasport'.
        3.3 Maklumat yang dimasukan tidak tepat/bercanggah dalam sistem.
    Please click "Agree" if you agree to follow the terms and conditions stated.